Green fringed long dress with open back


Transcend the boundaries of conventionality with this stunning long green fringed dress, which unites bohemian, fun and sexy styles in a unique way. Every detail of this dress is a declaration of freedom and self-expression.

O verde exuberante do vestido evoca a conexão com a natureza e a serenidade dos espaços abertos. As franjas artisticamente dispostas adicionam um toque boêmio, lembrando festivais descontraídos e aventuras espontâneas. Each swing of the bangs creates an aura of mystery, inviting you to explore the unexpected.

The cut of the dress perfectly combines fun and sensuality. With strategically placed necklines and a silhouette that hugs your curves, it enhances your femininity in a provocative and sophisticated way. This dress is more than just a piece of clothing, it’s a manifestation of your free and passionate personality.